I’m Hannah. And I’m Lucy!
And welcome to The Kindred Kind!

It all started for us, here in this photo. We had met through the hospital we had our girls, Sophie & Elaina, on the Gold Coast back in August of 2016.
And pictured here was one of our first times getting to know one another… and we just clicked!

Pretty soon we realised that we both had a desire & dream to run a business that we could include our kids in while also being around to raise them & watch them grow up. And so heads down, bums up and 1 year later…. here we are! Turning our dreams into a reality.

So why our name?

‘Kindred’ means similar in kind.
For us, this meaning is two sided. One, it is a wonderful representation of our relationship as we seriously must have been separated at birth? And two, our main goal is to create stylish & affordable coordinating clothing for your family. Perfect!
(Thanks to Roger, Hannah’s husband, who actually came up with the word ‘Kindred’ – nice!)

The novelty of wearing the same clothes and the excitement on our girls’ faces when they realise we are wearing coordinating outfits, is just priceless! So we want to create more of these sorts of memories, in your home too.

We really hope you enjoy our pieces & can’t wait to see all of your little ones wearing them too!

Big love from us to you.
H & L